“Anyone can complicate marketing – the secret is to simplify it. This book does precisely that.”

Fast Marketing for Fast Growth debunks many myths and reveals that successful marketing need not be complicated, overly time consuming nor expensive. The essential ingredients for success are simply discipline, in-depth thinking, consistency and organised execution.

Fast Marketing for Fast Growth distils in straightforward language the essence of marketing through discovering the answers to five fundamental questions:

Where is your business heading?
What do you need to say?
How should you say it?
How you do what you say?
When do you say it?

Actual real life case studies reveal how the answers to these five vital questions produced highly successful marketing plans that delivered fast growth.

“This is no ordinary book. It is essentially an ideal roadmap for small and medium businesses who don’t intend to stay that way … for long.”

Paul Gardner AM,
Chairman, Australia and New Zealand,
Grey Group