What Industry Leaders Say

“In a world where everybody is looking for the edge over their competitors, this book is a fantastic opportunity for small/medium sized businesses and those with the entrepreneurship to get ahead. Fast Marketing for Fast Growth provides you with all the information large companies pay millions for in a simple and concise manner. It’s a must read for those seeking the next performance horizon.”

Chris Beer
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Pacific, Greater China & South Africa

“you did a good job presenting the methodology of marketing thinking scaled to small and medium size businesses … showing that marketing is much more than words and branding. You brought them back to vision, segmentation, targeting, positioning, etc. We generally lack a good book on marketing for smaller businesses.”

Prof. Phillip Kotler
– S. C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management
– Author of Marketing Management (the world’s most widely used graduate level textbook in marketing)

“When you’re handed a book aiming at management and business owners who want to grow their business, it doesn’t sound that unique. But then you start to realise this is no ordinary book. It is essentially an ideal roadmap for small and medium businesses who don’t intend to stay that way…for long”

Paul Gardner AM
Australia and New Zealand
Grey Group

“Marketing can be complicated, but it needn’t be. BrandQuest’s ‘How to’ manual proves once again, that being simple and straightforward will always pay greater dividends to that delivered by complexity and hyperbole. It also acts as a timely reminder that you should always get the thinking right before proceeding with the doing. I strongly recommend ‘Fast Marketing. Fast Growth’ to anyone wants to get the very best value for their marketing dollar”.

Ted Horton
Principal, Big Red Group
Voted one of 20 Legends of Australian Advertising
Member of the Advertising Hall of Fame

“So many books. So little time. Even if you’re not into self help, help yourself to this no-nonsense primer for smaller marketers who want to grow and mid-sized marketers who want to be better.”

Gawen Rudder
Executive, The Communications Council – Australia (formerly The Advertising Federation of Australia)

“Throughout my own international management career I have always been fascinated with the complexity of marketing. Then along comes a book that replaces the mumbo-jumbo with common sense and a practical ‘how to’ approach.

Furthermore it addresses the marketing needs of business owners and managers who need it most – those expanding and growing their own businesses – and delivers the message with clarity and cleverness.

… they have managed to cut through the marketing hyperbole to create such a book and such a smart and implementable process for marketing”.

Dr Gary Ranker PhD
Corporate Politics Coach
Forbes rated as 1 of the world’s top 5 executive coaches

“The structure is excellent, it’s well written, easy to read, consistent, well document, pragmatic and practical.”

Professor Dominique V. Turpin
Dentsu Professor of Marketing and Strategy at IMD