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Is Brand Essence the secret ingredient to Blackmore’s success?

In a recent interview in the Australian Financial Review, Blackmore’s Chairman (and interim CEO following the departure of the current CEO to replace Ahmed Fahour as head of Australia Post), Marcus Blackmore was quoted as saying: “(Blackmore’s) People have changed over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the Brand Essence.” The […]

Jason Eisner talks branding

Brandquest founder Jason Eisner joins the podcast this week to talk branding. We discuss: Jason’s career to date What is a brand? How companies can go about defining their brand values and what their brand should be about Which execs should be involved in the process of defining a brand mission/values The importance of a […]

How good is Trump?

There is a funny story that I heard the other day, it was about this billionaire reality TV star who decided to run for the Presidency. The funny thing was that everybody thought it was a joke – apart from the reality TV star. And then he became President. Trump! What is amazing about this […]

What it takes to Build a Successful Brand

“A successful brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures” – Michael Eisner, CEO Disney Power brands can outlive their founders and, aside from the vagaries of business and the economy, become immortal. A brand is ageless, it evolves and lives […]

Lessons On How To Increase Brand Awareness

Managing your business as it grows into a brand is a little like watching a baby become a child or a teenager turning into an adult. Seeing your business go from ‘bland’ to brand can be highly rewarding in the full sense of the word. Brands and the ability to increase brand awareness are the […]

Do You Need a Tag Line with Your Logo for Good Branding?

This is a constant question we face from many growing businesses as part of the development of their Brand Strategy and branding or rebranding. Our answer is always a firm “Yes. Absolutely”. Every growing business needs a tagline like every person needs an explanation ie; “Hi nice to meet you, my name is Graeme Gladman”. […]

How the Big Banks Perform in a Crisis – Brand UX

Lost. Opportunity – Brand UX? Last week my wallet was stolen. Firstly, can I suggest you do everything you can to avoid a similar occurrence. Secondly, it is quite a task making a 9am business meeting shortly after realizing you don’t have your wallet. You see, aside from cash and cards, you lose your transport card […]

How your Brand Vision should drive your Marketing

WARNING: This is not another article about the importance of having a ‘motherhood’ Vision for your brand, business or organisation. Rather, it’s about how the key drivers within your Business Strategy are included in your Brand Vision and then become key drivers within the overall Brand Strategy But first what do we mean by Vision? […]

Talking business – Are you at risk of communication breakdown?

Are you risking communication breakdown through the use of *FTMA? FTMA is a communication phenomenon that could be negatively affecting your business – both internally and externally. Unfortunately, it seems to be a growing phenomenon we witness on a recurring basis – yet many businesses and organisations don’t realize their daily operations have been infiltrated […]


Now that the brouhaha has decreased to somewhat lower levels we should take some time to reflect on strategy used to enlist the power of the people – or should that be the power of the minority of people – to swing public opinion or make for massive changes in our society. And if we […]

NAB-That’s Not a Brand Strategy, That’s a Campaign Strategy

SEEN AND NOTED… A number of recent articles regarding a new advertising and communications campaign by NAB refer to the initiative as a ‘new brand strategy’ and a ‘brand refresh’ for the Bank. The commentary has identified and reinforced what I believe is a constant misnomer perpetrated by advertising agencies and marketing managers and directors […]

Is Your Business Not What It Used To Be?

As part of the development of marketing strategies for two national Australian business brands who, although they operate in very contrasting markets, shared a very similar challenge. What they had both started out as over 10 years ago, was no longer what they had now become famous for. Perhaps not surprisingly, as a company grows […]