Brand Work

Great brands are more than a series of value statements, a mission statement, or a complex document that resides within a marketing department.

A great brand should be able to be articulated on a single page (your Brand Canvas™) for everyone in the organisation to understand and communicate – not only the Chief Marketing Officer – but everyone from the receptionist who meets and greets to the CEO.

Brand Strategy

Great brands begin from within.

BrandQuest is a strategy and brand consultancy that helps build robust and valuable brands.

Our fundamental belief is that great and enduring brands are born of the founders, management and staff who work within the organisation.

They are not so much the result of an outsourced creative endeavour, but more a powerful intent of purpose, driven by the history, culture, experience and knowledge that the organisation possesses, passes on and embeds through every customer contact.

If a brand were brought to life as
a person, it’s persona would be
an amalgam of;

”What that person says” (the MIND)
“How that person says it” (the HEART)

Transferred as thoughts and
behaviour, delivered in words and
deeds at every touch-point and
across all channels to market

Great Brands are organic, living and thriving forever.

The BrandQuest Brand Strategy process relies upon illuminating your brand from within your business – through extracting and refining the inner knowledge, history and experience of the key personnel charged with taking your business into the future – and to differentiated success.

Think of this group as your own highly experienced Internal Focus Group who will drive the vision and provide required valuable insights into the current brand as well as the ongoing development of the future brand/s.

In this intensive full-day ‘deep dive’ interrogation of your business, BrandQuest will place laser-like focus on your leadership team – using their proven BrandQuest methodology – to explore, extract and interrogate all aspects of your business, your product/s or your service/s, defining your market and then analysing the competitive set within that market.

Your Internal Focus Group, then further examines the defined market as a whole, in order to create a motivational-driven segmentation analysis that will reveal a defined number of rich and valuable segments within the specific market that your business needs to focus on in order to develop your marketing strategy.

This exploratory Internal Focus Group research provides the necessary data points that will lead to the revealing of your greatest competitive brand asset, ie; Your Brand Canvas™

Brand Culture

Brand culture can provide an inclusive and potent, dynamic internal force that leads to higher staff retention rates and a more inclusive and committed workforce.

These days, brand culture requires more than a series of value statements or a mission statement in Reception or a complex document that resides within a marketing department.

At BrandQuest this inculcation begins with the creation of the Brand Manifesto.

The Brand Manifesto is essentially a brand story that translates the essence of the brand into a tangible and meaningful articulation.

It can then be inculcated and shared by all and every level via shared stories, videos, internal messaging, and celebrated in many ways across and through the company or organisation.

Importantly, it can play a key role in the onboarding of new staff to raise their awareness of the culture and raise their expectations of the expected individual and team behaviours.

The manifesto is organic and gathers momentum as it is embraced and championed.

Brand Identity

BrandQuest have evolved, re-branded and developed new brands for many of our 150+ clients of all kinds and sizes across a diverse range of categories.

Has your business changed over time and your brand no longer accurately reflects what you do?

Or, perhaps your current customers understand what you do and sell, but what about new customers who may not be aware of your changed approach, services or products?

Could a brand refresh positively change the way these potential new customers view your business and offering?

Our brand identity process is dependent on the outcomes of your agreed Brand Canvas™ that frames the development of the brand into the market and is a direct outcome of your Brand Strategy – a pre-requisite to drive every brand change.

In a collaborative, highly inclusive and totally iterative process, BrandQuest create a new brand identity, from new company or organisation naming through to new brand logo, sub brands and comprehensive brand guidelines that provide the discipline for all future communications of the new brand.

Brand Identity includes but is not limited to:

New Brand naming

New logotype and sub-brands

Brand tag-line

Website design and build

Brand hierarchy

Brand guidelines

Brand Inculcation

Developing a new or enhanced brand identity is only part of the answer.

The other part is ensuring your people embrace and own it. We see too many companies who think that by simply changing a logo, they have changed their brand. If your staff and consumers don’t know the reasons why you have re-branded then you have failed.

Re-branding your company or organisation needs to be carefully and sensitively managed. Not just externally but internally as well. The impact and effectiveness of any change is often directly correlated to how well the brand change is embraced and encouraged internally from the very top of the business through all levels to the customer face.

The simple and truthful communication to management and staff of the reasons for brand change is a key factor in gaining positive ‘buy-in’ that can result in real and tangible benefits when the brand change finally ‘touches’ the customer.

The externalising of any brand change needs to also be carefully and sequentially managed. Where brand change occurs, both internal and external requirements form an integral part of the brand strategy marketing communications plan to guide the successful roll-out and launch.

Brand Architecture and Hierarchy

Rationalising brands and developing brand hierarchy.

Often the development of a brand strategy will identify the need or reason to clarify or better segment sub-brands within a company’s brand portfolio.

Many companies, perhaps understandably over time, and in the absence of an over-arching brand strategy, have allowed brands and sub brands to proliferate and expand.

A robust brand strategy should provide the process, informed opinion, debate and information for such a brand audit to be completed objectively.

Brand Delivery

Our experience is that too many strategic documents and undertakings are forgotten within weeks of their creation and are left to gather dust.

One of the key benefits of your BrandQuest brand strategy is the supporting development of a raft of marketing recommendations that will provide both actionable and accountable tactics into your marketplace.

Your BrandQuest brand strategy delivers brand change for market success.

In addition to the strategic brand strategy, you will have a comprehensive set of marketing communications tactics that will take you into the market.

These marketing tactics once agreed, are then prioritised for planning of implementation and budgeting purposes – normally over a 12-month marketing period.

In many cases, due to BrandQuest’s knowledge of the brand journey and our broad branding and marketing communications experience, our Clients request us to implement their marketing strategy for them, including brand change and marketing communications into the marketplace.

Our expertise and experience in implementing Brand Strategy recommendations includes;

  • Brand Launch and Marketing implementations eg; websites, social, collateral and advertising,
  • Brand Planning and Marketing
  • Brand Guardianship and Stewardship.

Brand Launch and Marketing implementations

The roll-out of any new or updated branding and communications needs to be planned and carried out with precision to ensure the new brand reflects and adheres to the brand strategy.

This development process addresses the brand platform changes both for internal and external marketing communications required to launch the brand across all aspects of the marketing mix. This includes:

New Brand identity

Internal launch planning

External market launch planning

New website

New Brand identity

Research and market testing

Brand Planning and Marketing

Armed with the brand and marketing strategy, marketing communications can now be created with greater consistency and alignment to the newly developed brand strategy.

BrandQuest assists with the implementation of all marketing communications requirements on either a short term or longer term, Brand Guardian basis for;

  • Stakeholder marketing communications – industry, media, financiers, internal staff, others
  • External marketing campaigns including: database, online, offline, print, press, radio, television, social media)
  • Conceptualising and creation of corporate and product brochures
  • Development and implementation of new branding across all company touch-points ie: all stationary, emails, presentation templates, documentation

Brand Guardians and Management

Where required BrandQuest offers on-going brand management and consulting services to implement your brand and marketing strategy and can provide cover for maternity leave or extended holiday periods or where a client marketing position may require cover for any other reason.

  • Expert brand and marketing counsel
  • Brand management
  • Project management and procurement
  • Outsourced marketing management