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Branding Is Evolving Is Your Brand Evolving Or Stagnating

BrandQuest believe that a successful Brand is born of the founders and staff who work within the business. They are not the result of an outsourced creative endeavour, but more the cumulative history, culture and knowledge that a company possesses, passes on and transfers across all touch-points.

A successful Brand is a living, breathing organism.

If it were brought to life as a person, it’s persona would be a unique amalgam of the mind and heart, transferred as values and behaviour, delivered through words and action.

Successful Brands are organic, dynamic and evolving.

Modern communications and the wealth of corporate intelligence have changed the importance of brands in the new millennium and this should have decision-makers and leaders asking if their brand is keeping pace?

Originally, to ‘brand’ your product, was simply to provide a mark or symbol of ownership. With the rise of the industrial revolution and the manufacturing of products the ‘branding’ device assisted in very basic differentiation of one product from another (if not in content or design) at least in name and look.

From a marketing perspective, the advent of mass media production (television, radio, press and magazines) signalled a major change in direction for marketing. This progress saw the development of brand ‘values or properties’ to provide differentiation in response to increasing competition – As competition increased, so did the need for more distinct brand values to boost differentiation.

Fast forward to the new millennium where products are ubiquitous and only surpassed by the developed world’s relentless mass consumerism which in many ways fuels the economic growth for the developing nations. Consider the economic growth across the emerging and developing economies of ASIA in categories which were once considered the ‘domain’ of the western world – think motor vehicles, electronics, telephony and technology products.

Nowadays, a brand has to appeal and be more than a product benefit or attribute to win the buyer’s preference. As a result, marketing values, brand essence and brand personalities have been created in order to build a bond ‘beyond the product’ with the customer. These days if you’re not using marketing effectively and efficiently to build a relationship with your target customer, you’re starting way behind your competitors and providing them with an enormous potential competitive advantage.

In fact, brand strategy can be the differentiator in an undifferentiated marketing category – think bottled spring water, why is Evian one of the best-selling brands when it has no obvious or demonstrative product advantage? The answer surely has as much, if not more to do with pure branding, as it has to do with pure water!

In more recent times, with the introduction of blogs, social media and big data, we are witnessing another curious turn in the marketing process. Historically marketers spent a good deal of time, effort and money in researching the customer needs and wants. The power was in the hands of the marketer and researcher. The marketer used research as a means of identifying potential customer needs or how they might better serve these potential customers, and then market to them accordingly.

These days, ‘the hunter’ has become ‘the hunted’.

Now with the dominance of the information age and technology designed to make this information as easy as possible to access, anywhere and any time, like Alice through the looking glass, the customer is much more able and likely to research the marketer or the company in order to inform their purchase decision or evaluation of the product or service.

The challenge for all companies now is the development of a more meaningful relationship with their target customers.

Understanding your own company brand, what it stands for, what values you want associated with it and what its essence really is, is the first step in being able to communicate consistently to build a meaningful relationship with your customers.

BrandQuest employs a rigorous ‘no-spin’ process to work with you to clarify your brand attributes and personality and then develop dynamic brand strategies that will help you connect with your customers and keep your brand evolving and in front of the competition.



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