Strategy is key to winning the opinions of the masses


Now that the brouhaha has decreased to somewhat lower levels we should take some time to reflect on strategy used to enlist the power of the people – or should that be the power of the minority of people – to swing public opinion or make for massive changes in our society.

And if we do reflect, what lessons can we learn and use to our advantage in a strategic sense?

First of all, ensure your message is on strategy, is consistent and is understood

Anyone familiar with the acronym GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) would understand the critical importance of strategy as a base and foundation for any discussion, debate or communication who’s aim is to influence.

In the case of Brexit campaign and our election – was there a clear strategy employed by both sides? I believe that in both cases cited above – the ‘negative’ strategy – based on fear of one sort (immigration and job losses’) or another (‘mediscare’) outweighed the positive argument.

For instance in the UK the discussion was ALL based around ‘Leave’ or ‘Not Leave’ those arguing for staying within the EU argued their case NOT ON the positives of staying…but ON why the UK shouldn’t leave ie; they played their best game on the Brexit’ ground!

So what is the lesson for marketers?

No matter how good your service or product (or your political agenda) you simply cannot assume that your customers or clients (or voters) will buy from you.

One of the more common mistakes growing businesses make is the belief that prospective clients are sitting around just waiting to purchase their product or commit to their service.

Confident that what they have to offer to buyers is the best product available and everyone in the market will be running to them with money in hand, beating down their doors to make a purchase.

And when the customer comes “they’ll come back again and again and again” and the company’s sales will increase incrementally.

Unfortunately, this overconfidence and self-delusion that the customer is ‘waiting for your product’ is the downfall of many honest and well-intentioned business owners.

They dismiss one of marketing’s fundamental principles: people may buy from you once, but they only become customers (ie: repeat buyers) when they know and trust you.

Secondly, be sure that the benefits OR otherwise of your strategy are clearly evident.

Otherwise known as the ‘Pros and Cons’ of your strategic plan. Simply having the belief that your product or service will be favoured, chosen and selected because YOU believe it is superior is not necessarily enough to win the customer over.

Assumptions provide the basis of all screw-ups and if you assume for one moment that the customer will know and understand the efficacy and benefits of your product as well as you do then you’re in for a nasty surprise when ‘rubber hits the road’ – whether that be a voting decision or buying decision.

Did the UK ‘Euro Stay’ and the LNP both assume they had the majority on their side?

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