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“At Matrix Education, we realised that in order to continue our growth, we had to utilise a more sophisticated and structured marketing approach.

We had actually used a marketing consultancy in the past and it didn’t work for us. They failed to understand our business needs and therefore the marketing solutions that were put forward added very little value to our business.

However, I was really impressed with BrandQuest team’s approach. They engaged us to fully understand the nature of our business. Their structured marketing approach meant that people without much marketing knowledge and experience could understand and participate in the development of the marketing strategy and therefore ‘own’ it.

And finally, they excel in execution.They are savvy and timely with the implementation of the activities which make a world of difference.
The results are already outstanding. They have provided clarity, consistency, direction and recommendations that have galvanised our staff and have added real and tangible value to our business.

I value their input so much that I have outsourced our marketing needs completely to the BrandQuest team.”

DJ Kim – Managing Director


How to achieve 300% growth in the competitive education sector


Matrix is a leading high school tuition college located in Sydney. The education market is moving towards more reliance on external, supplementary tuition and the market is becoming increasingly competitive.

Matrix wanted to create an industry-leading brand to help assist with its rapid growth plans.

Located at a single campus in Strathfield, Matrix’s growth strategy revolved around expanding its geographical presence once its current campus was at capacity.

A further challenge facing Matrix was that it was very well regarded for science tuition, but their students would often seek English tuition at other colleges. Matrix needed to be regarded as the experts across all their subject areas.


The strategy for Matrix covered 3 areas: 1.Increase brand awareness through consistent and effective marketing. 2.Increase student enrolments. 3.Increase the number of subjects students were enrolled in. The starting point was ensuring Matrix developed a brand that was communicating a consistent message to its target audience.
The BrandQuest strategy process focused in on the brand essence of “inspirational mentors” – that are the Matrix teachers.

Its great learning environment and proven results were also key themes BrandQuest utilised for the subsequent rebranding.

Matrix then engaged BrandQuest as their outsourced marketing department. A number of campaigns and tactics were implemented, aimed at increasing Matrix’s brand awareness throughout the Strathfield region increasing Matrix’s customer acquisition and retention.


Focusing Matrix’s message on their key points of difference, ensuring branding consistency across all marketing and combining brand awareness, acquisition and retention campaigns has produced incredible results over the 3 years since engaging with BrandQuest.

Matrix today has four state-of-the-art campuses in Chatswood, Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD and the original Strathfield campus. Their student base has grown from 600 to 2000!

Events such as the Matrix Open Day recently attracted over 200 people to meet the Matrix faculty and see their campus.

Additionally, Matrix staff are sought as thought leaders in the press and for presenting several sessions at annual Sydney Morning Herald HSC Expo.