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“BrandQuest’s experience and knowledge in larger scale businesses certainly made sense to us. We bought ‘big end of town’ thinking into our new business, which at the time was quite successful, but we saw real scope to revitalise the branding and the marketing.

The Marketing Strategy that was developed for us included the need to re-brand ie: a new logo, new website, packaging design and totally new way of positioning us vis a vis our competitors – and certainly in keeping our growth and expansion plans.

Since re-launch, we are expanding almost weekly in tough retail times. Now I don’t make a move or move on an initiative without consulting BrandQuest first.”

LEKY MAYA, Director
– Business to Consumer

Sweet Bondi

A great tasting, healthy product was just the start for this brand


This private, family company knows an opportunity when they see it. A relatively naïve, yet established business had been making traditional yoghurt with Aussie fruit flavours for many years and doing a relatively successful job at it. But perhaps better than their product was the brand name they had traded under for over 10 years: Sweet Bondi.

Our Client bought the business on the strength of their product recipes, the opportunity to significantly broaden the traditional sales channel and the opportunity to re-energise what he saw as the business’s real key to success, the brand name itself: Sweet Bondi.


The brand name of Sweet Bondi had been poorly marketed by the previous owners.

BrandQuest undertook a brand audit of the name, the positioning and the packaging and other key customer touch-points

The resultant brand was based on the iconic Australia-wide (some would argue global) image of Bondi Beach and a logo using typography and colours that reinforce the healthy, Australian out-doors life-style.

Along with a new tagline: “Wholesome, hand-made yoghurts and desserts” the brand and marketing was developed and progressed to the point that when the new brand was re-launched to the trade market they saw the brand in new light as being brand new and ‘right for their market’.


As Sweet Bondi rapidly expands its wholesale foot-print into a broader retail marketplace in line with its expansionary plans, the brand is seen as attractive and vibrant to its customer base who of people of all ages who want only the best tasting, wholesome and healthy yoghurts and desserts.

The Sweet Bondi brand and its imagery is well placed to deliver to its brand essence of ‘Wholesome EnJOYment’.