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English Australia

How a re-brand increased brand awareness by 40% and Brand Value by over 50%


English Australia is the national peak body for the English language sector of international education in Australia representing over 100 Universities and colleges across the nation. The English Language education sector represents one of Australia’s top export markets with the total economic impact of the tuition fees and additional spending of International English language students in 2011 accounting for A$1.462 billion.

With 135,000 international students annually, Australia is ranked 4th in the world (2011).

Due to the impact of the GFC and the high Australian dollar among other issues Australia’s 20-year growth, peaking at 160,000 students in 2009, faltered in 2010 and 2011.

The National Board determined that a re-branding and a renewed marketing strategy was a key to stemming the fall-off in growth.


BrandQuest worked with the entire English Australia board and management team to establish a metric vision and future goal for the Board to aim for.

The marketing strategy led to a brand audit that identified the need for a revitalisation of the brand itself.

This lead to a new brand identity that better identified the organisation with its geography, and importantly an improved website – the key to engagement with the core customer segments.

The new branding was launched across the network with a new website – the website provided quite a challenge as it’s architecture needed to be dramatically simplified, yet it still required a great deal of content.

BrandQuest designed the new architecture and the design of the website, along with all marketing communications (internal and external) that were developed in accordance with the newly developed Brand Guidelines.


With over 100 stakeholder colleges and universities, and their representative board, consensus and ‘buy-in’ was a key objective of the newly defined brand marketing strategy.

The new branding is now inculcated and integrated across the category and the English Australia board has received wide recognition for their pro-active leadership in this important category.

In its first annual survey of Member Colleges, Universities and global agents following the re-brand, English Australia brand awareness had moved positively from 63% to 87% whilst perceived brand value had grown substantially from 63% to 96%!

The downward trend had been reversed overwhelmingly within 12 months of the deployment of the marketing strategy and subsequent re-branding.