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We have created and facilitated numerous Marketing ‘MasterBrand’ Workshops that are ideal for seminars or forums to large groups, such as branch managers, franchisees, association members or any organisation that has a need to better inform and educate their key people on brand and marketing strategies.

BrandQuest ‘MasterBrand’ Workshops can be structured to facilitate all-day or half-day sessions and can be highly interactive and involving.

All workshop participants receive a MasterBrand workbook for future reference and guidance.

Every workshop is designed and presented to ensure that attendees ‘get it’, so our structured programs are delivered and presented in ‘plain-speak’ (rather than hi-brow marketing phrases and terms).

Subject matters covered can include:

The benefits of consistency

The importance of the 5 P’s of marketing

Creating and budgeting a Communications Plan

Creating the brand vision

The need to discover a competitive positioning

Establishing your competitive points of difference

Market Segmentation & Targeting

Your brand and product positioning

Speaking Engagements

We love to talk – Branding. Marketing. Strategy

“Their passion for branding is evident in their vibrant presentation style – well done”

As experts in our field and valued providers to our Clients both Jason and Graeme are often invited to speak at internal and external conferences, business and networking forums, and knowledge expos.

Our topics can be tailored to suit individual business parameters or alternatively we have a resume of standard or specific topics and subjects we are happy to passionately discuss to suit any need.

We can deliver engaging, informative and expert presentations on topics such as:

Marketing for business growth

The 5 Foundations for Your Marketing & Branding Success

Branding a future giant. How to plan and implement a rock-solid brand

Building Your Brand Value –
The 5 questions you must have answers to

Rebranding – When and How

Protecting your Brand

If you are interested in one of our marketing experts speaking at your event, call us on 1300 734 101 or click to contact us at info@brandquest.com.au

Our Book

Sophisticated marketing is not just for the big guys who have cashed-up marketing departments and employ expensive ad agencies and consultants. It is essential for all companies or organisations, whether an existing medium-sized business, a start-up, a not-for-profit, or even just a one-person operation.

Fast Marketing for Fast Growth debunks many myths to reveal that successful marketing is not complicated, overly time-consuming or expensive.

The essential ingredients for success are simply discipline, in-depth thinking, consistency and organised execution.


Fast Marketing for Fast Growth distils in straightforward, everyday language the essence of marketing through discovering the answers to five fundamental brand strategy questions:

  • What is your Brand story?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Why you?
  • Who are you?
  • How you get there?

Actual real-life case studies reveal how the answers to these five vital questions produced highly successful marketing plans that delivered fast growth.

To purchase a copy of our book contact us.