We have created and facilitated a number of Marketing ‘MasterBrand’ Workshops that are ideal for seminars or forums to large groups, such as branch managers, franchisees, association members or any organisation that has a need to better inform and educate their key people on brand and marketing strategies.

BrandQuest ‘MasterBrand’ Workshops can be structured to facilitate all day or half-day sessions and are highly interactive and involving. All workshop participants receive a MasterBrand workbook for future reference and guidance.

Every BrandForum is designed and presented to ensure that attendees ‘get it’, so our structured programs are delivered and presented in ‘plain-speak’(rather than hi-brow marketing phrases and terms).

Subject matters covered can include:

1. Creating the brand vision
2. The need to discover a competitive positioning
3. Establishing your competitive points of difference
4. Market Segmentation & Targeting
5. Your brand and product positioning
6. The benefits of consistency
7. Undertaking a Brand Audit
8. The importance of the 5 P’s of marketing
9. Media and social media options
10. Creating and budgeting a Communications Plan