Jason Eisner talks branding

Brandquest founder Jason Eisner joins the podcast this week to talk branding. We discuss:

  • Jason’s career to date
  • What is a brand?
  • How companies can go about defining their brand values and what their brand should be about
  • Which execs should be involved in the process of defining a brand mission/values
  • The importance of a logo in the brand equation
  • Once defined, how an enterprise can build a brand in 2016
  • As an intangible asset, how do you measure the value of a brand?
  • The importance of culture and employee buy-in to ensure all customer touch points ‘live and breathe’ the brand
  • The importance of customer service and end to end customer experience in the brand equation
  • Do successful brands demonstrate that many customer purchase decisions are made on emotion rather than pure rational logic?
  • The ROI of investing in a brand and over what time period the benefits flow
  • Why Jason admires the Apple brand so much
  • The often discussed point on this podcast that “EGC” and “what your customers say about you” now defines the brand more than what a company says about itself.
  • If there is a disconnect between what a brand believes it stands for, and what market research/social listening shows consumers actually think of a brand, what has gone wrong here?
  • The social media landscape today and how this impacts brands
  • Given the fragmented media sector today, how will the Cokes/Colgates/Mars Bars/Frosties of the future be built
  • Brands built purely via digital and user experience e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram etc
  • The importance of consistency in building a successful brand



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