English Australia

How a brand strategy for one of Australia’s top 10 exports increased awareness, value & revenue

The Situation

English Australia is the national peak body for the English language sector of international education (ELICOS) in Australia (currently in the top 4 of Australia’s exports) representing over 130 Universities and college members across the nation who account for 80% of all international enrolments.

English Australia had historically been recognised as a global leader in the sector, however at the time BrandQuest was engaged in 2011, the industry was in decline due to the impact of the GFC, the high Australian dollar and the safety of international students.

This had English Australia Members questioning the need to be Members of English Australia.

“At the time of appointing BrandQuest to develop our brand strategy we were in serious decline.

Following the implementation of the marketing strategy we were blown away by the measured results: our Brand Value to our Members had increased from 63% to 96%!

And our Brand Awareness had grown from 63% to 87%.

Sue Blundell, Executive Director


The Process

Working with the entire English Australia board and management team, BrandQuest developed a new Brand Strategy within 4 weeks of commission.

Critical to the strategy was the development of a Brand Canvas™ which determined the need for separate positionings for each of three main markets: Members, Overseas Agents and Students. In addition a Brand Essence around Thought Leadership was articulated.

The Brand Canvas™ then guided the articulation of the brand through the development of a revitalised new Brand logo and comprehensive set of Brand Guidelines.

BrandQuest also helped with the roll-out and implementation of the new brand and strategy to all Members and importantly, a new communication strategy with Agents and Students.



The Results 

The new branding is now inculcated and integrated across the category and the English Australia Board has received wide recognition for their pro-active ‘thought leadership’ – once again they are seen as a global leader in this important industry category.

In the annual survey of Member Colleges, Universities and Global Agents following the rebrand, English Australia brand awareness had moved positively from 63% to 87% whilst perceived brand value had grown substantially from 63% to 96%!

The downward trend had been overwhelmingly reversed within 12 months of the introduction and roll-out of the marketing strategy and re-branding.

Brand Awareness – 1yr

Global growth In three years

Brand Value – 1yr

Plus 30%

Enrolments – 1yr

Plus 50%