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We recently commented on how rebranding was able to  re-define a category position and help the recently re-named ‘Defence Bank’ (formerly Defence Forces Credit Union) change the perception of the organization leading to significant growth in new customers who no longer questioned the viability and legitimacy of same company when it was a Credit Union.

Case Study – The many benefits of re-positioning and rebranding a company or organization.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria was formed just under 50 years ago and has been the leading provider of supported solutions and trusted knowledge to the one-in-three Australians who live with these conditions.

Their goal is to improve the lives of the millions of Australians, young and old, living with, or at risk of developing muscle, bone and joint conditions.

When Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria first approached BrandQuest their business objective was to ‘lift and increase’ their relevance to, and awareness of, their many faceted services and support systems (especially beyond Arthritis and Osteoporosis) in order to engage with a broader and increasingly younger audience.

A bold move from a familiar but tired, conservative and restrictive brand name

The name; Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria, depicted just two (Arthritis and Osteoporosis) of the more than 150 musculoskeletal conditions that effect the daily lives and routines of some many Australians.

These two conditions historically (and ignorantly) positioned the organization as one that catered to ‘old people’s issues and problems’ – when in fact recent and current research shows an increase in debilitating effects on younger generations.

Moving from a descriptive name to a beneficial outcome.

With a broad audience of private and government stakeholders, volunteers, staff and especially donors it was critical to the outcome that any name and brand change was strategically driven – from the business needs and metric vision of the future to ensure this was much more than a ‘creative leap’ to a new name.

The strategy needed to provide the foundations and basis for any change of name and rebranding.

And so, following sign off and approval of the BrandQuest brand strategy, approval was given for a brand change.

A new brand was needed to better capture “who we are, what we do, who we do it for” – an organisation that was no longer limited by geographical borders or specific conditions.

For many years, the scope and purpose of the organisation had been so much broader than the name suggested.

The rebranding to the new name; MOVE and its associated tagline; ‘muscle, bone & joint health’ is seen as more inclusive to people of all ages; children, young adults, working age and older Australians with one or more of the 150 conditions.

From Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria

Arthritis Victoria






to MOVE, muscle, bone & joint health

The new brand name and branding represents the tip of the iceberg for Move.

Along with a rebrand strategy that involved and had the input and collaboration of all key stakeholders, BrandQuest then were given the challenge of developing a new name for the organisation (using our proprietary BrandSafeTM) that could be Trade Marked and protected and would meet all url requirements of the organization.

Once the name was approved and agreed, the inclusive and collaborative development of the new brand logo was commenced. This multi-stage process included the Client in the process until a final brand Logo and sub-set of brands was agreed and finalized.

Finally, a comprehensive set of Brand Guidelines was developed by BrandQuest – these guidelines would inform and ensure the consistent application of the new branding, sub branding and brand graphics, typography, colours across all communication needs of the new brand.

Importantly, these Brand Guidelines were critical to the development of a new, updated website for MOVE muscle, bone & joint health.

Creating a new brand takes more than a creative leap of faith…

BrandQuest is a strategy and brand management consultancy that intrinsically believes that great brands are born of the founders and staff who work there. They are not the result of an outsourced creative endeavour but the cumulative knowledge that a company possesses.

Since 2007, BrandQuest has developed a process that within a 3 week time frame can extract and refine this inner knowledge into a powerful brand strategy.

Our clients work with us because they seek:

  1. Increased brand and business value
  2. Alignment, clarity and direction for their Branding
  3. Robust, authentic and fearless advice




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