Who we are

Founded in 2007 in Sydney, BrandQuest is dedicated to assisting companies and organisations in the development and implementation of brand strategies and rebranding in order to remain competitive, relevant, and profitable in a commercial era where change and focus are essential.

We are passionate in our quest to assist growth Companies by placing laser-like focus on the creation of an underpinning brand and marketing strategy – and the development and realisation of that strategy into the marketplace – in order to develop and protect brands and businesses.

The BrandQuest process leads to reinvigoration of mature brands, cut-through and awareness for new brands, re-alignment of changed or changing brands and a brand manifesto for the inculcation of the importance of brand to staff.

It’s not over, ‘til it’s over.

We work like beavers to uncover, distil, and arrive at the core issues. Our Clients genuinely appreciate our ‘tell it like it is’ honest and fearless challenges to the status-quo or ingrained beliefs.

At all times we represent the ‘client in the room’ and deliver our points of view and thought processes without fear or favour.

At BrandQuest we interrogate with rigour, challenge with vigour and leave no stone unturned in our quest to develop the outcomes required to create a dynamic and sustainable brand and marketing strategy that, finally, aligns marketing with the business imperatives.”

What we do

We work with companies and organisations to ensure they have a brand plan that can deliver their business plan. First and foremost, that means the creation of a brand strategy.

We then ensure the brand strategy is delivered and understood by inculcating the strategy throughout the business and ensuring staff culture is aligned to the strategic intent.

The resultant brand strategy includes a brand audit, a checklist of current brand assets (are they capable of delivering the brand vision?) and critically, agreement to the newly created Brand Canvas™, – the prism through which all brand initiatives and marketing communications are disciplined and consistent with the brand strategy.


Consistency across and throughout your business (inclusive of your management team and staff) of what your brand stands for ie: “what you need to say” and “how you should say it” delivered as your unique Brand Canvas™.

The Brand Canvas™ also provides a framework for stakeholders and staff in their daily decision-making for consistent brand alignment.


A clear and agreed future vision of what future success looks like.

An agreed understanding of your market and target customer/s within that market along with your competitive advantages – contained in your Customer Value Proposition.

Certainty and consistency in brand and marketing decision-making removing subjectivity and second-guessing.


Strategically led actions and marketing communications, all conforming to, and ‘on strategy’ with the agreed Brand Canvas™. 

As a further outcome of the overall BrandQuest process, management and staff are up-skilled in strategic brand application and understanding of its importance.

How we do it

We employ a rigorous discovery process that informs the business imperative of your brand strategy.

We build your brand on objective business foundations – not creative whims.

You and your management are included throughout the iterative process – no surprises as you are involved from start to completion.

Our process of successful brand development is based on refinement – taking YOU the client through each stage of the brand journey and refining until the agreed outcome.

We are highly efficient, delivering work on time, on schedule, and budget.

Our Brand Strategy deliverables include:

Evolving, re-branding and developing new brands

Rationalising brands and developing brand hierarchy. 

Creating consistent messaging and brand stories

Brand Manifesto, inculcating internal brand culture

Brand guidelines to deliver consistent marketing

Brand guardianship and stewardship

Our Founders

Graeme Gladman

Graeme is a founding principal and creator of BrandQuest.

With 25 years experience as a Director, Managing Director, Creative Director and Marketing Consultant in multinational advertising agencies and as a partner and Managing Director of his own internationally-owned advertising agency Batey Gladman, his brand and marketing experience is broad and highly valued.

Graeme has launched, extended and created multi-channel brands across a diverse range of categories within the BrandQuest portfolio.

Jason Eisner

Jason is a founding principal and creator of BrandQuest and a leading business strategist having worked with small and large businesses in both Australia and the USA.

Jason boasts more than 20 years of strategic marketing and operations experience in senior management and marketing consulting and advisory roles prior to establishing BrandQuest in 2007.

Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce from the UNSW and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago where he majored in Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship.